D&D Episode #11 – Legally stupid and the story of the dragons.

Show Notes:

This time Nev faces the fallout of his decision to help out an undead creature. His penance is vague: to make the world a better place.
I also established a new segment of the show “Legally stupid”.

Story Structure:

I create the stories by rolling on the adventure charts in the Dungeon Masters Guide.

Dungeon Goals: 4. Acquire Treasure.

Wilderness Goals: 2. Assess the scope of a natural or unnatural disaster.

Other Goals: 10. Find the source of strange occurrences in a haunted house or other location.

Villain: 4. Dragon on domination and plunder.

Ally: 4. Soldier

Adventure Patrons: 7-8. Temple Official

Introduction: 12. A ghost appears and terrorizes a village. Research shows that it can only put to rest by entering the adventure location.

Climax: A threat more powerful than the adventurers appears, destroys the villain and then turns its attention on the characters.