D&D Homebrew Lore: The city of Arak | Music and artistry vs darkness

Population: 20.000 people


Overlord Soltaire Windrunner Eskayel 3rd, Grand Master of the Lyra Order, Slayer of giants and Keeper of Darkness.

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The city of Arak is only 60 years old. It was founded by Soltaire Windrunner Eskayel 3rd, a wandering bard turned paladin of the goddess Lyria ( goddess of music and artistry ).

You cannot tell the story of Arak without telling some of the stories of Soltaire. Before he became the legendary Overlord of this city and the Grand Master of the Order of Lyra, Soltaire was a wandering bard that joined a band of adventurers known in modern history as the Seven Lords of Arak. They discovered a growing darkness and haunted it down across the lands. It took them years to find the source of darkness in the caves of Arak.

They fought the darkness and one by one they fell in battle. Feeling desperate, Soltaire began praying to Lyra in the midst of battle.

The mistress responded, and he was imbued with paladin powers in that battle and managed to contain the darkness inside those caves. Unfortunately, he was the sole survivor of that battle.

In an effort to keep the darkness in those caves he gathered other followers of Lyra and founded the Order Lyra composed out warrior poets, bards, and paladins.

Together the order builds the city. Arak surrounds the caves in concentric walled circles ever-increasing the number of warriors as the city gets closer to caves.

Arak is composed of four districts:

District of tongues: Fast talkers charming merchants, poets, and singers live here, it’s also the district where you can find the market.

District of the hands: Many bards that are specialized in stringed instruments live here, many temples to Lyra and other deities can be found here.

Battle district: Warrior poets and paladins live in the barracks located near the training grounds.

Palace district: The most elite warriors and arcane users of this city can be found in this district. Higher-ups in the Lyra order have residences in this district. The entrance to caves where the darkness is imprisoned is located inside the palace. Visitors cannot enter this district without summons from the palace.


The main theme of this city, home base for Order of Lyra, is found throughout the city. Street entertainers, sketch artists, and jongleurs can be seen everywhere in the first two districts. If the known deity has a festival it will be celebrated in this city.

In the more warrior districts, the aspect of artistry channeled there is elegance in battle and achieving maximum coolness while in battle.

Adventure opportunities:

Soltaire may send some adventurers to get an artifact that would help him permanently seal the darkness. The adventurers are somewhat unknown but still have a reputation for being good people. The object of the quest can literally be anything, but the main motivation is that there are the political or social implications for Soltaire to perform the task himself, therefore the adventurers are hired.