D&D Homebrew Fantasy Lore: The city of Orlaine, a city for criminals

Population: 150.000 people

Leader: Overlord Rashak Shcaly

Map: Link


One of the most ancient cities in Amisus Orlaine is legendary among criminals. Every type of criminal behavior has a niche in this Orlaine: from slavers to drug dealers to assassins everyone prospers under the Silent Pact.

At this point, you might rightly ask: How come this city doesn’t self destruct?

Didn’t I say :)? It’s because of the above mentioned Silent Pact between the various gangs in Orlaine and the Overlord.

Thanks to this pact the gang members can commit basically any crime except if the target of the crime is a member of the nobility or safety of the city is at stake. The gangs pay for this freedom with 5% of all earnings and collectively provide the Overlord with 100 people no questions asked.

Thanks to this agreement more than a few gangs prosper specializing in various can thrive under the wide shadow of the corruption that erodes this city.

Most famous gangs include:

The Wolf’s gang is specialized in assassination and slave trade the wolves enforce the agreement between the Overlord and the criminal elements of this city by raising the tribute and people that are paid as a tribute.

The Vipers are specialized in forgery. They can provide you with any type of forged papers and, if you have the coin, with a completely new identity.

The Diggers can get anything. Their main occupation is smuggling goods and drug trafficking. They got the name Diggers because of their reputation for grave robbing, and because they are known to provide curious mages with freshly dug up bodies.


The city itself is a reflexion of the activities that are happening within its walls: 
Pickpockets are everywhere, most buildings are dirty are filled with graffiti. The players, if they are not paying attention to self-protection, maybe even kidnapped to be one of the yearly sacrifices. Tavern and alehouses are numerous, the nightlife is exciting and in the bazar near the port, you can find anything.

The most notable thing that can be found in Orlaine is the general feeling between the Poor and the Palace districts of the city. Dirt and muck and human stench will assail your senses in the Poor district, but in contrast in the Palace, district is clean and well patrolled. The streets are paved and the people might even be nice to you if you look refined or exotic enough.

Adventure opportunities:

Upon further investigations, players may discover that the people provided to the Overlord are being sent down into the Underdark to the city of Zhennu Ssussun ( Great Lights in drow-ish ) through the entrance located in the dungeons of the Orlaine palace.

Another Peculiar thing about Orlaine is that no commoner has seen the Overlord in public for the least 12 – 15 years. Upon further investigation, the players may find out the terrible secret. The people provided to drow are used for terrible experiments, that involve removing their souls and placing them in some sort of black stone. You can also find out the Overlord’s true story: In an effort to attain immortality Rashak Shcaly the Overlord of Orlaine found an ancient ritual that was supposed to turn him into a greater vampire. The ritual failed and Rashak was transformed into a mutated type of vampire that requires souls to live.

Unfortunately, he lacked the skills to achieve such a feat, but lucky for him the drow in Zhennu Ssussun had the skills and thus the alliance was born.